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Bently Nevada Training

NVMS are pleased to be offering the highly regarded GE Bently Nevada training courses, and are delighted to provide this for the first time in Sunny Queensland. Thanks to requests from Bently Nevada 3300, 3500 and System 1 users, we can now confirm the following schedule (subject to demand):
Oct 7-10 Machinery Diagnostics
Oct 14-16 Transducer and 3500 Operation & Maintenance
Oct 29-31 System 1 Fundamentals

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Strain Gauge Course

Join us for a two-day Strain Gauge Theory, Selection and Installation Workshop

Perth: 22nd - 23rd October
Melbourne: 15th - 16th October

Early Bird Discount: Register before Sept. 30 to receive a 5% discount!

Mentor EM with Mentor Create

Put expertise right in your hands. GE Mentor EM allows you to easily access on-device workflow applications that efficiently guide the inspector while capturing electromagnetic (eddy current) inspection data. Real-time collaboration with remote experts allows fast and accurate indication confirmation. Easy and efficient nondestructive testing for weld, aerospace (including rotary) and general purpose inspections.
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QuantumX Rugged

For use in harsh environments Rugged versions of the first modules of the QuantumX series are now available, particularly for use in harsh environments. The modules offer a wider temperature range and are protected against humidity, dirt, impact and vibration.
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SoMat eDAQ System

HBM - SoMat: HBM, provider of state-of-the-art transducers, signal conditioning electronics, data acquisition systems and measurement software, announces the release of their newly acquired SoMat eDAQ and eDAQlite data acquisition systems. SoMat systems have been leaders in field data acquisition for over 25 years servicing Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, off-highway, aerospace and defense industries. Click here for more

Brüel & Kjær's new 2270

Launch of the new 2270 Hand-held Analyser: NVMS are proud to present the latest thoroughbred Sound Level Meter from the stables of Brüel & Kjær. The New 2270 features all the capabilities of our top selling 2250 SLM with additional features for advanced users including built-in camera, 2-channel architecture and LAN capabilities. Click here to read more

3500 Encore Monitoring System

The 3500 ENCORE is the most cost effective, non-intrusive means of upgrading your existing 3300 monitoring system to the state-of-art condition monitoring technology. 3500 ENCORE extends the life of your investment while maintaining a best-in-class machinery protection system for your production assets, all without the hassle of rip and replace.
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SCOUT portable data collector

The SCOUT platform offers the power and convenience of dual- or four-channel measurement and dual-plane balancing to support all your plant condition monitoring needs from route-based data collection to machinery analysis and balancing. Its balancing functions enable the quick diagnosis and correction of dynamic unbalance, the most common form of unbalance.
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Essential Insight.Mesh Wireless

Essential Insight.mesh is designed to address plant wide assets by augmenting your conventional hardwired permanent monitoring and hand-held portable monitoring strategies, allowing reliable and affordable condition monitoring where conventional technology has reached its limits.
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HBM Straing Gauge

Gain from the many new possibilities provided by optical sensor technology - and HBM's proven reliability. Determine stress in components and in environments where conventional technologies have reached their limits.
Reliably and safely test innovative materials with high levels of strain or high numbers of load cycles, high electromagnetic stress or in highly explosive environments.
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Brüel & Kjær's new 4447 HV Analyser

Brüel & Kjær's Type 4447 Human Vibration Analyser is an ultra-portable, easy-to-use instrument which helps to measure potentially harmful vibrations and avoid health damage caused by both hand-arm and whole-body vibration.
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Brüel & Kjær's Sentinal System

Take a fresh look at Online Noise Monitoring. Thanks to Brüel & Kjær's acquisition of Lochard, the last word in Airport Noise, we can now offer you something special as we roll out ‘Noise Sentinel’ to Mine sites, Refineries, Industrial Areas and hopefully YOU. Talk to us and we’ll show you a smarter, simpler, better way to manage your environmental noise reporting and management.
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