• Case Study: Bringing Reliability Centred Maintenance to the Health Industry

    Metro South Health, a division of Queensland Health, is working to reduce maintenance spend across their assets. They are changing their maintenance strategy to align with reliability engineering practices, implementing a condition monitoring program.

    Their team cover several hundred pieces of rotating equipment across four hospitals and multiple community health centres in South East Queensland. Their transition to condition based maintenance needs to fit within budgets and justify procurement of new equipment, like vibration analysers.

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  • Case study: Using continuous monitoring systems to avoid shutdowns

    The NewGen Power Kwinana operations team used the full capabilities of their protection and condition monitoring equipment to help avoid a shut down of their steam turbine at their power plant.

    Knowledge of early vibration issuees on an essential pump alerted operators to the issue and helped them single out the equipmnt responsible, taking it out of service before damage or a trip occurred.
    “The 1900/65A picked up the vibration so it didn’t trip the plant. It gave us enough information to safeguard the plant and keep it running.”

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  • Newgen case study email header

    Case study: Upgrading technology for better site-wide condition monitoring

    The maintenance team at NewGen Power Kwinana now have greater visibility of machine health, can save on costs and have a management-approved pathway to upgrading to world-class monitoring technology.

    NVMS & NewGen Power Station in Kwinana have work together to understand NewGens requirements from expanding their monitoring program. NVMS & NewGen developed a 3 year plan that will allow greater monitoring capabilities across all required assets.

    By providing a multi year plan and utilising a variety of hardware options, it allowed projects to be delivered within company parameters while ensuring that every step led them to their final outcome – S1 Evolution.

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