• April 2015 Newsletter

    System 1 Basic gets you online

    System 1 Basic

    System 1 Basic is used for getting your critical and essential assets online when you have limited or no access to a DCS system. Basic is the starter version of System 1 Classic and gives you 30 days of trending for overall vibration levels and alarm management.

    System 1 Basic gives you direct access to constant overall vibration information for condition monitoring. It is cost effective and easy to implement as no server is required.

    Being able to see trending for overall vibration levels and alarms on assets allows you to make decisions around your rotating equipment. Additional to the trending information, time wave files can also be displayed.

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  • February/2015 Newsletter

    HBM – The Leader in Strain Gauges

    GaugesHBM has been the leader in strain gauges for over 60 years. Their range of strain gauges comprises of an extensive assortment for the most widely differing strain measurement applications – from experimental stress analysis and durability testing through to transducer manufacturing.

    Encapsulated strain gauges provide a high degree of mechanical protection as well as a PVC-insulated stranded connection wire 3 m in length. Furthermore, the strain gauges are connected in a four wire configuration to guarantee precise measurement regardless of wire length or temperature variations.

    For more information on how Strain Gauges can be used for your application, please contact us today!

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  • February/2015 Newsletter

    NVMS opens New Zealand Office

    NVMS opens NV Office

    NVMS is pleased to announce that as of January 1st 2015 NVMS became the official representative for the GE Bently Nevada product range in New Zealand, this addition compliments the Commtest and NDT product ranges currently represented in the region. In line with our commitment to the New Zealand market and to lead NVMS in the region, we would like to introduce you to our first NZ Employee. Barry Shaw will join NVMS from February 23rd. Barry is a qualified Reliability Engineer/Vibration Analyst and will take on the position as a Regional Sales Manager NZ.

    NVMS is very much looking forward to working closely and successfully with clients in NZ in the near future. NVMS will also be attending the VANZ Conference in May, Tue 26th to 28th 2015 as Gold Sponsors.

    For any current enquiries until Barry is on board please contact us at sales@nvms.com.au or phone +61 8 9380 6933.

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  • February/2015 Newsletter

    Commtest Ex-Demo Stock Clearance

    CommtestWe have a limited stock of ex-demonstration Vibration Analyser kits now available for sale. These models include 2 & 4 channel instruments and include all of the kit hardware normally supplied with A la Carte instrument only kits. These instruments are calibration checked and supplied with a 1 year warranty.

    If you would like to take up this fantastic offer, please contact us today!

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  • February/2015 Newsletter

    USM/DMS Go Compact Package – Huge Potential

    USM-DMSThe USM Go is a sophisticated flaw detector that needs only one hand to operate the instrument, allowing for ease of use. Not only that, but you can use either hand as the display has the ability to invert depending on right- or left- handed use. There are many options available, including having a square wave pulser, as well as DAC and TCG capability.

    The DMS Go looks identical, but it’s a thickness measuring instrument which can store up to 100,000 readings in various file formats, and links to a software package for storage, presentation and reporting.

    Why not have it all in one by choosing the option for the USM/DMS Go package and having a fully capable flaw detector and thickness measuring instrument in one comptact device?

    Please contact us today to find out more about the USM or DMS Go!

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  • February/2015 Newsletter

    Noise Sentinel on Demand – Free 1 week trial

    Noise SentinelThe new Noise Sentinel on Demand is a revolution in noise monitoring. Noise Sentinel on Demand enables you to monitor and manage noise through a completely online experience: booking and obtaining instrumentation, collection and reporting of data and maintaining your data indefinitely in the cloud.

    It is a solution that is perfect for consultants, local governments and construction noise monitoring, as well as many other situations.

    Why not check out a live demonstration of the monitoring software?

    NVMS are proud to be offering a free 1 week trial to show you how revolutionary the Noise Sentinel on Demand is. Call us or send us an email today to organise your free trial!

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