Commest provide the vbSeries vibration analyser range: rugged, feature rich vibration instruments that suit both the novice user and the experienced analyst. They are easy to use and intuitive.

The handheld data collectors are designed to take vibration measurements, balance machines and work together with Ascent analysis software.

Commtest also offer online monitoring systems such as the vbOnline that allow data to be collected quicker, more cost effectively and with greater accuracy, freeing you to spend more time analysing and solving problems.

Remotely monitoring machinery using wireless sensors called Ranger help remove the need to collect data manually in inaccessible or dangerous environments. Wireless technology reduces the high installation costs of normal wired accelerometers.

Commtest’s Ascent analysis software provides comprehensive data analysis and archiving capabilities. It is compatible with all Commtest hardware.

NVMS can provide customised training for our product range, at a time and location that suits you and your team. OEM approved repairs and calibration is also available.

From highly sophisticated portable solutions to permanently mounted surveillance systems, NVMS can help you find the right solution.

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