vbClassic Accessories

This page lists the accessories that are only suitable for the vbClassic instruments (vb1000, vb2000, vb3000).

General accessories are also available for the vbClassic Instruments.

Some accessories may also be suitable for use with MMS and Profiler instruments, where noted.

Balancing Kit: 2 Channel – KTBL0054

Balancing Kit2-channel balancing kit. Compatible with vbClassic instruments ONLY. Includes laser tach (LASA0062), Tach Cable and extension (CBLS0029, CBLE0028), 2 straight cables (CB5G0024, CB5R0025), magnetic mounting arm (MAGA0063), 1 roll reflective tape (RTAP0094), and carry bag (CBBL0026).



Battery Pack – BATT0513

Battery Pack7.2V NiHM 2100 mAh capacity. This battery pack is suitable for all vbClassic (vbX000) and Profiler portable instruments. 3.25 x 5.0 x 0.75″ (82.6 x 127 x 19 mm).

IMPORTANT! Ensure you only use the power supply provided by Commtest. Using another power supply might damage the instrument and battery, voiding the warranty and lead to a costly repair.


Download Cable – Pin Lock – CABD0020

Download CableSerial communications cable (RS232 port). Compatible with MMS3000 instruments (SN 30824 and higher), vbSeries instruments (SN 10529 and higher), and MMS6000 / Profiler instruments (SN 60421 and higher). 6.4 ft. (1.86 m) long.


Download Cable – Screw Lock – CABD0021

Download Cable - ScrewSerial communications cable (RS232 port). Compatible with MMS3000 instruments (SN 30823 and lower), vbClassic instruments (SN 10528 and lower). 6.4 ft. (1.96 m) long.



Laser Tachometer Cable – CBLS0029

Laser TachometerThe Commtest black laser tachometer cable connects the laser tachometer to a vbClassic instrument. Cable features a quick release cable break for safety. 9.8 ft. (3 m) long.

IMPORTANT! This cable is NOT compatible with vbSeries instruments.


Laser Tachometer Extension Cable – CBLE0028

Laser Tachometer ExtensionLaser extension cable for when you need just a little more cable. Connect this 6.6 ft. (2 m) cable to part number CBLS0029 to make a 5m cable.


USB to Serial Communications Port Adapter – CABU0010

USBUSB to serial communications port adapter for computers that do NOT have a USB port. Includes USB drivers.