Ranger Wireless System

Ranger-Wireless-SystemsAn advanced wireless machinery health information system designed for permanently mounted or flexible mobile installation. Ranger offers effective monitoring in environments where physical wiring is either cost-prohibitive or impractical.

With the Ranger system, machinery in even the most inaccessible environments can be monitored around the clock, automatically alerting you to potential problems and avoiding costly downtime.

Ranger System

The Ranger system consists of our award-winning Ascent software and the following hardware modules:

  • Ranger Sensor – This module includes a biaxial accelerometer sensor and a temperature sensor. It is typically mounted on the rotating machinery being monitored, remaining inactive until a scheduled recording is requested or unusually high vibration levels occur. With recommended use, the wireless sensor battery will provide operation for 18 months.
  • Ranger Booster – This module wirelessly receives measurement data from multiple Ranger Sensors, then forwards this data to a Ranger Station module. This retransmission process greatly extends the wireless range between Ranger Sensor and Ranger Station modules.
  • Ranger Station – This module collects measurement data transmitted by Ranger Sensor and Ranger Booster devices and feeds this information into a database for analysis in Ascent. The Ranger Station module also incorporates a tachometer input for speed measurements.

The Ranger system’s wireless technology makes monitoring easy and economical in environments where physical wiring is either cost-prohibitive or impractical. Wireless technology also provides the flexibility to create temporary setups to focus on specific machinery of interest.

The Ranger system’s hardware modules integrate seamlessly with Commtest vbOnline wired systems, enabling you to build the most cost-effective combination of wireless and wired modules specific to your facility’s environment.

Ranger is as a scalable, modular system – You can add or remove modules as required to suit the needs of your condition monitoring program as it changes and evolves.

MORE: Click here to view a diagram that shows how the Ranger system fits together.

Ranger System Features

  • With Ranger you can continuously monitor machinery in the most inaccessible environments and remotely check the health of your critical assets around the clock
  • Receive automatic alerts regarding potential problems and avoid costly downtime
  • Monitor critical assets where wiring is prohibitively expensive
  • Wireless Ranger modules integrate with Commtest vbOnline wired systems, and share the same Ascent analysis software as Commtest portable instruments, enabling you to build the most cost-effective system specific to your facility’s environment
  • Permanently mounted installations enable you to collect data quicker, more cost-effectively, and with greater accuracy than walkaround portable routines
  • It’s easy to temporarily monitor troublesome, recently repaired, or new machines and obtain diagnostic data or evaluate acceptance criteria
  • You can use Ascent, a comprehensive, powerful data analysis and archiving tool to set alarms, monitor trends, and produce reports. The same installation of Ascent can support all the wireless, wired, and portable Commtest instruments.