vbBalancer+Lightweight and portable, the vbBalancer+ 4-channel instrument is easily carried onsite to any problematic machine.

Its 10 hour battery life and 1 GB internal memory ensure progress is uninterrupted, practically eliminating the need to pause in order to connect to a PC or power supply.

The vbBalancer+ carries the legendary 5 year Commtest warranty as well as free life-time support. Unbalance causes high levels of mechanical stress and vibration. This is transferred directly to the bearings, resulting in a proportional reduction in normal bearing life. With a few basic parameters, the vbBalancer calculates acceptable unbalance levels to ensure machinery operates within international ISO 1940 guidelines.


vbBalancer+ instrument setup is minimal, quick, and easy. Only a few calibration runs are required, with or without removing your trial weight.


The vbBalancer+ stores your previous balance run data, eliminating the need to waste valuable time performing calibration runs on repetitive or routine balance jobs.


Imbalance is computed quickly. The large backlit LCD display and user-friendly interface indicate the angular position for weight correction. The vbBalancer+ instrument enables full 4-sensor monitoring of both horizontal and vertical axes on each bearing. This functionality instils confidence that a balance on any one axis has not worsened vibrations on the other.

  • Trial weight – Automatically suggested mass value for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Split weights – Enables a correction weight normally specified at a particular angle to be split and applied at alternative angles
  • Combine weights – Calculates combined mass values for a specified correction angle