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Sensors and Transducers

Sensors and Transducers Overview

Sensors are installed in or on the machine to make appropriate measurements such as vibration, position, speed, pressure, power, and others. GE offers a very wide variety of sensors, each designed to handle the rigors of industrial environments and many capable of being installed in hazardous areas when appropriate I.S. barriers, galvanic isolation, or other means are used. When your needs fall outside our standard product offering, our custom products engineering capabilities may be able to modify an existing product, or develop an entirely new one, to meet your needs.

Proximity Probes

3300 XL Series3300 XL SeriesOffered in a wide variety of measurement range options, Bently Nevada 3300 XL Series of sensor systems are the best performing and longest lasting.
3300 Series3300 Series3300 Series sensors, as the precursors to our 3300 XL series, are proven performers in machinery applications around the world.
Special ApplicationSpecial ApplicationSpecifically designed to measure air gap on hydro generators and motor/ generators.
AccessoriesAccessoriesA wide range of of accessories for your unique application including: housings, conduits, cable seals, junction boxes, mounting brackets and more.


Acceleration & Velocity

330505330505 Low Frequency Velocity SensorThe Low Frequency Velocity Sensor is designed for hydro applications to detect vibration of the stator core, stator frame, and bearing supports.
Velocity TransducerVelocity Transducer Systems – 9200 and 747122-wire, moving-coil velocity transducers, designed for general purpose velocity measurements.
Velomitor® 350900Velomitor® 350900 High-Temperature Velocity and AccelerationHigh-temperature sensor designed for use in gas turbine applications.
330500330500 Velomitor® Piezo-Velocity SensorGeneral-purpose version of our Velomitor transducer, useful for frequencies between 4.5 and 5,000 Hz.
330525330525 Velomitor® XA Piezo-Velocity SensorEnvironmentally hardened version of our 330500 Velomitor® transducer.
330530330530 Radiation Resistant VelomitorGE’s new Bently Nevada Radiation Resistant Velomitor® sensor is specifically designed for the harsh environments that exist at nuclear power plants.
330750330750 and 330752 High Temperature Velomitor® SystemsFor use in applications with temperatures considerably higher than our other Velomitor® transducers.
190501190501 Velomitor® CT Velocity TransducerLow-frequency version of our Velomitor® transducer, specifically designed for cooling tower monitoring applications with rotational speeds as low as 90 rpm.
330400&330425330400/330425 AccelerometersDesigned for general-purpose casing acceleration measurements and meets all requirements of API 670.
330450330450 High-Temperature Acceleration SensorThe 330450 HTAS segregates the sensing element from the signal conditioning electronics.
200150200150 AccelerometerFor use only with a compatible Transducer Interface Module (TIM) as part of our Trendmaster® Pro quasi-continuous online condition monitoring system.
200350&200355200350 and 200355 AccelerometersThe 200350 and 200355 Accelerometers are general purpose, casemounted seismic transducers designed for use with Trendmaster
Accessories HousingsAccessoriesHousings, mounting kits and other accessories to protect you sensor system investment and make installations quicker and easier.


Pressure Transducers

165855165855 Cylinder Pressure TransducerIntended specifically for use with the Bently Nevada 3500/77M Recip Cylinder Pressure Monitor when real-time, continuous monitoring of cylinder performance is required on reciprocating compressors.
200136200132 Pressure TransducerThe 200132 pressure transducer is intended for general purpose, static pressure measurements made with our Trendmaster® Pro data acquisition hardware.
Gas TurbineGas Turbine Combustion Instability TransducersSpecifically designed to monitor combustor pressure pulsations indicative of combustion instabilities (“humming”) in gas turbines.

Case Expansion & Valve Position Transducers

3300 XL3300 XL Rotary Position TransducerThis innovative RPT transducer incorporates a proximity probe observing an eccentric cam.
Valve PositionValve Position Transducer (LVDT)Some valve position measurements incorporate a linear, rather than rotary, mechanical linkage.
Case Expansion & HighCase Expansion & High Temperature Case Expansion Transducer SystemThese transducers are DC LVDTs intended specifically for case expansion measurements.


Vibration and Thrust Transmitters

990 Vibration990 Vibration TransmitterThe 990 Vibration Transmitter provides a 4-20 mA signal proportional to relative vibration designed for use on smaller, non-critical machinery.
991 Thrust991 Thrust TransmitterThe 991 Thrust Transmitter provides a 4-20 mA signal proportional to thrust position and is designed for use on smaller, non-critical machinery.
990 & 991990 & 991 Transmitter HousingsTo protect our 990 and 991 Transmitters, we offer two sizes of housings for holding up to four transmitters.
SeismicSeismic TransmitterThe Seismic Transmitter provides a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the 0-1 inch/sec 0-pk velocity movement of a roller element bearing housing or machinery housing.
990 Test Adaptor990 Test AdaptorInverts/isolates output signal from 990, 991 and Seismic Transmitters, allowing you to interface our transmitters to AC-powered diagnostic equipment.








10798 Optical Pickup Sensor

The optical pickup observes a once-per-turn event marker on the shaft.