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Monitoring Overview

GE-Bently-NevadaGE Energy’s Bently Nevada machinery protection and monitoring systems span more than a dozen different models deployed during the last 40 years. Combined, they comprise the largest installed base of permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels in the world. It’s a position of trust that has been earned over more than four decades of learning, refining, and improving our solutions to meet industry’s most demanding applications. Applications that require the highest integrity. Applications where false trips or missed trips simply cannot be tolerated.

And it’s not just our products, it’s our people. Our reputation for the highest quality, best value in the industry is born of a culture that “takes excellent care of our customers.” When you choose our condition monitoring solutions, you get it all: the best people, the best products, the best service, the best solutions, and the best value.

For nearly half a century, Bently Nevada products have been world-renowned as the standard by which all others are measured. Because after all with so much riding on your machinery, why trust anyone else?

Continuous Online Monitoring

3500 Series
1900 Series
1701 Series
Motor Stator Insulation Monitor
ADAPT Product Family
3500 ENCORE Series

 Wireless/Surveillance Scanning

Trendmaster Pro
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