3500 ENCORE Series Condition Monitoring System

The 3500 ENCORE is the most cost effective, non-intrusive means of upgrading your existing 3300 condition monitoring system to the state-of-art condition monitoring technology. 3500 ENCORE extends the life of your investment while maintaining a best-in-class machinery protection system for your production assets, all without the hassle of rip and replace.

*Now offered in two packages:

  • 3500 ENCORE Rack Upgrade.
  • 3500 ENCORE System

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3500 Rack Upgrade

The 3500 ENCORE Rack Upgade is an in-place upgrade of a 3300 Monitor. In a 3500 ENCORE Monitoring System, the original 3300 modules are replaced by the modified 3500. The resulting upgraded system provides the improved performance of 3500 while retaining the transducer, keyphasor* and relay field wiring from the original 3300. Benefits include:

  • Replaces the 3300 power supplies, system monitors, and monitors while leaving the 3300 chassis, IO modules and field wiring in place
  • A fast and cost effective way to upgrade an in-place 3300 Monitor System to state-of-the-art 3500 ENCORE technology without removing the 3300 chassis or the field wiring
  • Turnaround times for a 3500 ENCORE Rack Upgrade can be measured in hours


3500 ENCORE System

The 3500 ENCORE System is a standalone direct drop-in monitoring system replacement of an existing 3300 monitoring system. Utilize your existing 3300 panel cutouts and dimensions to minimize the costs of upgrading to the latest online machinery protection and condition monitoring system. Benefits include:

  • Provides an entirely new instrument chassis, dual power supplies, 4-channel monitors, relay modules, and IO Modules
  • Matches the 3300 panel cutouts and dimensions for a fast, economical, replacement of 3300 Monitor Systems
  • Specifically designed to minimize installation costs of replacing 3300 Monitor Systems or upgrading from the 3500 ENCORE Rack Upgrade*