Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Monitoring System

The 3500 System provides continuous, on-line monitoring suitable for machinery protection applications.

3500-2Tested and Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldwide

The Bently Nevada 3500 System provides continuous, on-line monitoring suitable for machinery protection and asset condition monitoring applications. It represents our most capable and flexible system in a traditional rack-based design and offers numerous features and advantages not provided in other systems.

3500 – Simply The Best

Beginning with the 5000 series in the 1960s, we’ve introduced seven successive generations of highly successful monitoring platforms. Today, that experience is embodied in the most advanced, powerful, and reliable system we have ever offered: The Bently Nevada 3500 Series Machinery Protection System.


3500 is designed to fully comply with the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard API 670, the world’s most widely used specification for machinery protection systems. For reciprocating compressor applications, 3500 meets API 618 requirements as well. It can also be ordered with DNV and Class NK certifications for maritime applications, such as offshore platforms and ship propulsion. And, when used as part of a safety instrumented system, TÜV Functional Safety Certification can be supplied for applications requiring up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. In addition, 3500 is approved to meet relevant Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Factory Mutual (FM), GOST, ATEX, and CE requirements.



We understand that our systems are routinely used not just for indication, but to provide auto-shutdown protection. That’s why – even in simplex mode – 3500 is the most reliable monitoring system we have ever offered with extensive self-checking and fault tolerant design features. It’s also why the system can be configured with various levels of redundancy, ranging from the addition of a second fully redundant power supply to complete triple modular redundant (TMR) configuration of selected or all channels – allowing even your most mission-critical applications to be addressed with confidence.


Connecting to condition monitoring and diagnostic software has never been easier. With 3500 there are no bulky external modules, no additional wiring, and no extra rack slots required. Simply use the Ethernet port in the 3500/22M Rack Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate with our System 1* software.

Connecting to plant control and automation systems is straightforward as well. Simply add a communication gateway module. You can even add multiple gateways when communication redundancy is required or when multiple systems must be supported with differing protocols.


The 3500 Series features the industry’s most extensive selection of machinery measurement parameters combined with software configuration for virtually all monitor options. A variety of locally or remotely mounted displays are available, or you can operate 3500 without a display. The result is unparalleled flexibility to address almost any application.



The 3500 Series System has proven its value and dependability with customers everywhere, year after year. More than 20,000 racks are installed globally.