Proficy SmartSignal


Equipment deterioration is inevitable. In spite of best efforts and modern management methods, equipment still surprises us. You have systems watching your equipment, but you need to know when bad stuff is beginning to happen. You need to schedule and plan, instead of react and scramble.

See how you can avoid surprises on all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment, across all OEMs, with one complete Proficy SmartSignal + Bently Nevada solution.

Gain focus and prioritize

The real challenge is the overload of tasks and changing information. The high stakes nature of the environment means a lot of data is collected. And the complexity makes it difficult to know what indications are important and require your attention. With Proficy SmartSignal added to your Bently Nevada investments, you will have the insight to know where to focus your valuable resources, and where to apply your limited bandwidth.

Predictive foresight

Proficy SmartSignal predictive-diagnostic software provides exception-based notifications of developing problems. The software excels at process and vibration data correlations, high true positives, and prioritized early warnings. Credible information on the apparent causes of impending problems is included, along with prioritizations, key tags, and values.

Deep, diagnostic insight

Bently Nevada software excels at capturing dynamic mechanical data and deep-dive diagnostics with millisecond integrity. The solution delivers dynamic insight to diagnose and define the cause of behavior change.

Together, they enable predictive, proactive, risk-informed, and timely decisions.