Adre 408 DSPi


ADRE-408-DSPiThe next generation ADRE® Sxp is a completely redesigned data acquisition system combining GE’s hardware capability with the new Sxp software platform. The new system consists of the 408 Dynamic Signal Processing instrument (DSPi) and ADRE Sxp software. Highly portable, ADRE Sxp is designed to meet the changing needs of various fleet asset management programs as well as all other industries where speed and flexibility in data collection are a must. ADRE Sxp can operate stand-alone in test stands, and with its remote viewing and operating capabilities, offers users large potential savings on unnecessary travel expenses.

New Features

Even though ADRE has been the world’s gold standard tool for on-demand data acquisition for many years, the Bently Nevada team is committed to consistently updating the platform to ensure you always have the best and most modern system available to assist you in acquiring and understanding your data. Our latest offering includes a variety of new and updated features.

Quick Configuration and Sxp Software

The ADRE Quick Configuration Software allows even the novice user to create an Sxp-ready database to configure ADRE and start receiving data within minutes. The software incorporates Bently Nevada best practices to automatically create data collection parameters and a suite of plots, which helps users realize the full power and productivity of the ADRE system. The ease, speed, and expertise offered by the Quick Configuration Software means that all ADRE users can now spend more time utilizing the data and enhancing their productivity, and less time worrying about manually configuring the system.

Technical Improvements

The latest version of the ADRE system includes a wide variety of technical improvements. A full list is available in the product datasheet, but some of the key features include automatic selection of waveforms for plots, multiple cursors as a default option for all plot types, and the addition of a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing needs. Position measurement has also been added for process variables or displacement transducers, which can be used to measure axial position when viewing values on the 408 front panel. Finally, the latest version of ADRE includes a time-saving 3500 rack-based system file importer to ensure seamless communications with our 3500 Series monitoring systems when configuring ADRE.

Impact Hammer

The Impact Hammer Kit is used with our ADRE® 408 DSPi and other compatible instruments to determine the transfer function and other response characteristics of rotating machines and mechanical structures. The integration of response information from multiple accelerometers at various points of interest allows for modal analysis (velocity compliance, impedance, mobility).

Redesigned Single Board Computer

The Redesigned Single Board Computer features faster boot speed, lower power requirements, new SAS disk drive technology (24/7 industrial server grade drives) as well as a reinforced mounting cage for better shock resistance and a redesigned backplane for stronger connection between system components.

Optional Pelican Case

An optional Pelican case replaces the foam with a chassis system that allows the ADRE 408 to be suspended inside, isolating it from rough exterior handling. The new Pelican case also features wheels and a long handle, making our latest version of ADRE a truly mobile monitoring solution.