Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Services


Remote Monitoring24/7 continuous remote monitoring, high-speed data collection and diagnosis.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Services (RM&D) features a global team of Bently Nevada engineers, available 24/7 in Remote Monitoring Centers, who provide timely machine health information and analysis to facility managers and operators. RM&D delivers dedicated experts and industry certified solutions resulting in lower project costs, reduced outage costs and ongoing bottom line improvement.

What is Monitored

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Services (RM&D) provides safe machine operation with minimal downtime by recognizing problems before they happen. Machine vibration, temperature, process parameters, servers, data communication and instrumentation are continuously monitored. When an alarm or event is detected our team of engineers immediately alert customers to the problem and begin a collaborative resolution effort. Baseline and periodic machine condition audits and reports are regularly generated and machine health records are updated in a knowledge repository.

Features & Benefits

  • Early failure discovery and warning.
  • Continuous remote diagnosis.
  • Combined emergent instrumentation and equipment failure diagnosis.
  • System health monitoring.
  • Platform security, recovery, issue response time.
  • Knowledge transfer.
  • Continuous monitoring and high speed data collection.
  • Problem tracking and collaboration tools.
  • Helps to bridge the gap of skilled experts leaving the workforce.