TK-3 Proximity Probe Calibration Instrument


TK-3This portable instrument is used for both static and dynamic verification of proximity probes.

The TK-3 Proximity Probe Calibration Instrument is used for both static and dynamic verification of proximity probes. The TK3, commonly referred to as the Wobulator™ , verifies the operating condition of the monitor readouts as well as the condition of the proximity transducer system. A properly calibrated system ensures that the transducer inputs and resulting monitor readings are accurate. New features include a universal probe mount that will accommodate probe diameter from 5 to 19 mm, a more rugged case, increased reliability, and a convenient magnetic mountable spindle micrometer.

Features & Benefits

  • The weight has been reduced by 20% for easier carrying from shop to jobsite.
  • Available in both air-powered (TK-3g) and 110/220 Vac electric-powered (TK-3e) versions.
  • An all-new industrial-strength case dramatically improves durability, able to withstand the rigors of field use while better protecting the precision devices inside.
  • The drive motors of both versions are completely maintenance-free and the air-powered version now incorporates a filter that helps to further prolong the life of the motor.
  • A detachable spindle micrometer with magnetic base allows users to carry only the micrometer to the probe location rather than toting the entire test kit. For example, one person can be generating probe curves while another is simulating vibration to perform loop checks and verify monitoring system displays.
  • A universal probe mount accommodates probe diameters from 5 to 19mm, eliminating the need for multiple adapter collars when clamping probes into the micrometer or wobble plate—fewer parts to fumble with in the field, fewer parts to misplace.