TK16 Keyphasor® Multiplier/Divider


123135The TK16 is an externally powered portable instrument that enables you to obtain data on a rotor system which does not have its own once-per-turn Keyphasor signal, but has a speed-related pulse output (typically provided by a proximity transducer or magnetic pickup). By multiplying and/or dividing the frequency of the pulse output, the user can observe the characteristics of a rotor system at multiples and submultiples of shaft rotative speed when the unit is used in conjunction with diagnostic instruments.

Features & Benefits

TK16 Keyphasor Multiplier/Divider is capable of the following:

  • Conditioning signals from proximity transducers and magnetic pickups.
  • Conditioning tape recorded signals from transducers or amplifier rack outputs.
  • Multiplying and/or dividing the input signal frequency by integer numbers from 001 to 999.
  • Maintaining the phase integrity of a signal between input and output for any multiply number when the divide number is 001.