TK21 Oscilloscope Interface


TK16The TK21 Oscilloscope Interface allows most dual-channel oscilloscopes with a Z-axis input to perform diagnostics on rotating machinery. The interface receives signals from XY and Keyphasor® proximity transducers and allows the oscilloscope to provide an orbit presentation from these signals.

Using the TK21 with an oscilloscope enhances machinery diagnostic capabilities by allowing the user to view vibration, position, and phase information.
The TK21 works with oscilloscopes that have a Z-axis (sometimes referred to as an external blanking) input. The oscilloscope must also have the capability to display X versus Y. The factory settings for the Keyphasor gain and offset in the TK21 ensure compatibility with most Tektronix® oscilloscopes. The user can easily adjust these settings to suit any oscilloscope. We recommend using analog oscilloscopes with the TK21.