Noise Logging & Complaint Recorders

Community Noise Monitoring

NVMS recognise the need for industries and local government to monitor community noise. This historically requires an individual to attend the location of interest and take representative noise measurements using a hand-held sound level meter. This poses several constraints on resources, namely:

  • Commitment of personnel (staffing and know-how)
  • Getting to the location at the time of interest
  • Needing to be there to ‘listen’ to the noise
  • Taking a sample representative of the noise issue

In order to relieve this burden it is often convenient to leave the equipment unattended and perform noise logging over a period of hours or days. For long term logging a permanent noise monitor may be appropriate; for short term logging NVMS can recommend the following 2 solutions. A Sound Level Meter running Logging and Sound Recording Software, and the same equipment in a tamper-proof box for Complaint Recording, where a member of the public identifies when a noise complaint is occurring and presses a button to identify the event and trigger an audio recording of the noise.

NV1509 “Yellow Brick” 
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