Predictor-LimA Software Suite Type 7810



A software bundle for environmental noise projects that integrates the intuitive Predictor™ and the flexible LimA™ software into one powerful, state-of-the-art package – providing an efficient solution for any project.


  • Create and calculate models with the predictor system on multiple PCs on the network with only one license
  • Environmental noise mapping, management, action planning and impact assessment
  • Fulfillment of European Commission directives such as Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) in accordance with Guidelines on Revised Interim Computation Methods (2003/613/EC)
  • Fulfillment of the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC) and similar
  • Educational purposes
  • Integration into other (GIS/management) systems


  • Fast learning curve, even for infrequent users
  • Accurate and intuitive modelling for complex situations
  • Fast calculations
  • Time-saving integrated bookkeeping for model data and results
  • Powerful result analysis and what-if scenarios
  • Integration in environmental management, traffic management and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as noise calculation core
  • Automated reverse engineering and instant noise maps using measurements
  • Automated workflows (including calculation, plots, etc.)

Fast learning curve

Fast learning curve

More than any other noise calculation software, Predictor is designed according to the Windows® software design guide, helping you to be familiar with it from the very start.

The intuitive interface and well-organised project structure guides and supports you, so you can focus on the project and not your software.

All scenarios and action plans are maintained within one Predictor project, avoiding time lost searching for the correct files on the network.


Accurate and straightforward modelling

Complex situations with undulating terrain, fly-overs, bridges and indoor/outdoor calculations, or large projects with hundreds of thousands of objects can be set up just as easily and straightforwardly as a simple noise map.

The intuitive functionality includes powerful GIS import and 2D/3D edit options, enabling you to efficiently handle all kind of projects, while it also supports the use of macros for efficient automation of geometrical processing.

Fast calculations

LimA’s state-of-the-art calculation cores have been independently proven as the fastest available for Calculation of Road and Traffic Noise (CRTN). Their huge capacity and high calculation speed give quick results while reducing your investment in computing power.


Integrates with other systems

LimA’s software design is built on an open structure that is highly customisable. Together with its architecture and processing speed, this makes it the preferred software for integration with other tools. LimA modules and calculation cores can run behind external software, interfacing to other solutions like ArcGIS.


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