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International Case Studies

NVMS's Safety, Condition and Performance Monitoring division has been involved in many large projects around the globe, as well as many local projects both across Australia and within WA.

This page presents case studies about some of our projects:

Western Power - Pinjar Gas Turbine Cranking Motors

Performance parameters are monitored extensively in a wide range of machines in the petrochemical, oil and gas, and power industries to maximise efficiency, productivity and throughput and to detect and diagnose specific machine faults. The Performance Monitoring Software, type 3160-03, has a high level of reliability due to the multitude of individual performance monitoring data which can be fine-tuned to your specific application. Keeping a sensitive check on your machines' efficiency, productivity and operating costs and reducing emissions and resultant costly emissions taxes.

Alcoa World Alumina Australia

Alcoa World Alumina Australia is the world's largest producer of alumina and one of the country's largest exporters, currently earning Australia more than $2 billion a year. Alcoa operates two bauxite mines and three alumina refineries in Western Australia (WA), with a combined rated capacity of 7.3 million tonnes of alumina a year. This accounts for around 18% of the western world's demand. In addition to their mining activities, Alcoa is also internationally recognized as a leader in land care and environmental management.

Benefits of Condition Monitoring

Mechanical damage, consequential damage and unplanned plant downtime can be very largely avoided by the use of condition monitoring systems based on vibration measurements at the machines.This enables cement plants to implement condition-oriented maintenance, thereby reducing unplanned kiln downtime to a minimum.The Lengerich cement works is used as an example to show the structure of this type of maintenance strategy and to demonstrate the basic technical requirements from machine monitoring to condition diagnosis.The results obtained so far are then summarized so that other works can make use of the experience.

Nigeria LNG

The Compass monitoring system was selected by Shell in 1996 and commissioned in 1998 for safety and condition monitoring of all critical machines and many auxilialry machines in the gas treatment, refrigeration and liquefaction cycles of both trains 1 and 2. This includes portable monitoring instruments for some of the auxiliary machines. As there are many machines that are being automatically monitoried that could potentially interrupt production, the life cycle costs of the system are low.

Huntly Power Station - Excessive vibration

Excessive bearing vibration was detected during comissioning of a 250 MW turbo-generator at the Huntly Power Station. Further investigation determined that it was resonace caused by the flexible steel foundations used for earthquake protection. The optimal solution was a dynamic vibration absorber that was mounted directly on the bearing pedestral. Although this solution prevented the bearings from being damaged prematurely, vibrations are still relatively high during run up. The COMPASS monitoring system is used to carefully monitor the condition of the machine during these high vibrations as well as for performing tricky balancing runs.