CANHEAD stress and structural tests

CANHEAD® – The distributed amplifier system for structural testing and experimental stress analysis

Simplify your measurement processes with CANHEAD® – and at the same time gain flexibility and efficiency.

With CANHEAD®, long confusing cabling is a thing of the past, because installation occurs right next to the measuring point. So, the cables from the measuring point to the CANHEAD® module are short – which saves you time, effort, and cost.

CANHEAD® is the first choice in a variety of applications. From experimental stress analysis (durability testing) with single strain gages to flexible function testing with various measured quantities.

CANHEAD® is ideal for average to high channel counts.

The 10-channel CANHEAD® amplifier modules can be installed in immediate proximity to the measuring points. Inexpensive and reliable standard fieldbus cables connect the CANHEAD® modules to a communication master.

Product Specifications