CANHEAD® – The distributed amplifier system for structural testing and experimental stress analysis

canheadSimplify your measurement processes with CANHEAD® – and at the same time gain flexibility and efficiency. With CANHEAD®, long confusing cabling is a thing of the past, because installation occurs right next to the measuring point. So, the cables from the measuring point to the CANHEAD® module are short – which saves you time, effort, and cost.

CANHEAD® is the first choice in a variety of applications. From experimental stress analysis (durability testing) with single strain gages to flexible function testing with various measured quantities. CANHEAD® is ideal for average to high channel counts.
The 10-channel CANHEAD® amplifier modules can be installed in immediate proximity to the measuring points. Inexpensive and reliable standard fieldbus cables connect the CANHEAD® modules to a communication master.
Key Features

  • 10-channel amplifier modules for installation close to measuring points
  • Measured data transmission to communication master via field bus
  • Base modules for individual strain gages, strain gage full and half bridges, DC voltage sources
  • Suitable for unlimited cascading
  • Uniform amplifier module for all base module types
  • Connection of amplifier module/base module by simply plugging in

Product Description

The CANHEAD® system… three components that give you precise results Three components are required for converting sensor data into digital measurement data in a PC:

  • The CANHEAD® amplifier module
  • A CANHEAD® base module (there are three different types to choose from)
  • The ML74B/AP74B plug-in module for the MGCplus system, which serves as a communication master.

The CANHEAD® amplifier module is the heart of the system. This standard amplifier module can be used for all measured quantities and circuit variants, and is suited for use with all base module types. The amplifier module can be removed and re-inserted in a matter of seconds. This allows the amplifier module to be quickly and flexibly interchanged between the different measurement configurations.

CANHEAD® base modules are, in principle, intelligent junction boxes. They permit sensors to be directly connected in close proximity to the measuring point and to stay integrated in the cabling. Information specific to each measuring point is permanently stored in the base module. The CANHEAD® base modules are available in three variants for feeding and connecting different strain gage circuits and transducers.
Convenient CANHEAD® setup with free Assistant software

It is easy and convenient to make your settings using the accompanying Assistant software. You do not need any specialist knowledge about data communication by fieldbus.