Stand-alone measurement data acquisition with QuantumX CX22W: mobile or stationary

QuantumX is outstanding for its flexible recording of mechanical, electrical and thermal quantities.

The new CX22W QuantumX data recorder

  • Collects
  • Evaluates
  • And savescaptured measurement data directly in the instrument – without any PC connection.

Product Description

The CX22W reveals its strengths both in stationary and in mobile data acquisition. For example, when taking long duration measurements in stationary use in the field, the data recorder can, for example, be used for stand-alone data acquisition of distributed measurement modules, e.g. for monitoring buildings, wind power stations or industrial plants.

A typical mobile application is data acquisition – also via CANbus – for developing and validating simulation models. For example, will the new system components ‘deliver’ under real operating conditions what their simulation models promise? However, installations in cars, commercial vehicles, trains, planes or ships are not an ideal environment for a PC or laptop. Where to find the required computing power?

The CX22W data recorder provides users with sufficient computing power for selective recording, computation and storage of measurement data. The data recorder fully autonomously acquires and saves the measurement data locally to a rugged, removable CF-CARD. The data can also be called up via Ethernet or wireless LAN.

Powerful, smart and flexible

The CX22W provides QuantumX with a flexible, powerful and easy-to-configure data logger. Many functions are available, for example, computation of virtual channels or smart triggers (pre/post). Moreover, individual operator interfaces for connected touch screens can be created with a few mouse clicks. Another benefit: All parameters that have been set can be saved to specific projects and can therefore be called up at any time.

QuantumX – universal and flexible

However individual your task may be, QuantumX can be freely configured. In addition, you save time and money – thanks to a fast setup.

QuantumX permits real plug and measure offering

  • The opportunity to distribute the modules and thus be as close as possible to the measuring point
  • Support of TEDS technology through all measurement channels

A QuantumX system grows with its tasks. Additional instruments can be connected for synchronous measurement, for example. The flexible measurement data acquisition system combines efficiency with high quality and performance. QuantumX – a future-proof investment!