QuantumX CX27 – Real-time data acquisition via EtherCAT

Modern test benches put high demands on real-time data transmission in automation routines.

The Ethernet-based EtherCAT fieldbus standard is particularly suited to these tasks – in particular if cycle times of less than one millisecond are aimed at.

Product Description

The CX27 gateway module now provides you with the advantages of convenient and cost-effective universal measurement technology also for test benches using EtherCAT bus technology. CX27 allows integration of several QuantumX modules for real-time data acquisition of up to 199 signals via EtherCAT. Selected signals can simultaneously be monitored via Ethernet TCP/IP.

Benefit from increased efficiency provided by universal measurement electronics for your EtherCAT test bench now:

  • Reliable acquisition of high-precision measurement data using QuantumX and real-time data acquisition
  • Maximum flexibility in choosing and using transducer types and measurement quantities
  • Significant increase in efficiency through APM (Advanced Plug and Measure) technology