QuantumX MX410 – 4 – channel, highly dynamic, universal amplifier

Regardless of whether you want to upgrade your existing system or whether you are looking for a compact stand-alone solution: The MX410 QuantumX module is the right choice.

The four-channel amplifier is the new specialist for acquiring and analyzing dynamic, mechanical processes.

Measure vibration at the gearbox, strain at the piston, and dynamic forces in crash tests – every channel of the MX410 universal module supports six transducer technologies.

Product Description

Like all products of the QuantumX family, the MX410 works extremely fast, can be universally used and stands for absolute precision and reliability.

Sampling rates of up to 96 kHz/channel

The MX410 provides both sampling rates of up to 96 kHz/channel and a high resolution of 24 bits. Results are highly accurate as required when capturing highly dynamic forces and accelerations. Regardless of whether strain gages, IEPE sensors or inductive transducers are used – every MX410 channel supports these technologies and requires minimum space. Of course, it also enables voltage measurement.

Stand-alone equipment or modular system

The MX410 can be used as a stand-alone instrument or, by combining several amplifiers, it can be scaled to form a modular data acquisition system. In addition, the MX410’s compact dimensions permit installation close to the application thus enabling short cables to used and to save cost.

APM technology: Connect and measure

It’s true for the MX410, too: simply connect and measure. Like the whole QuantumX family, it supports APM technology (Advanced Plug & Measure) which combines TEDS automatic transducer identification with the advantages of a modern data acquisition system. The result: Highly flexible test setup and faster results at higher accuracy. All common transducer technologies are supported without any problems: The MX410 is compatible with strain gage transducers in half and full bridge configuration (DC, 4.89 kHz CF) as well as with inductive half and full bridges and current-fed piezoelectric sensors (IEPE).

An Ethernet and a FireWire port are available as communication interfaces. The conditioned measurement signal is provided as both digital value and analog signal. The MX410 can thus be easily connected to different analysis systems.

Universal Application

Automotive, aviation, railroads, shipping, energy generation, mechanical engineering, research and development are only a few industries where the MX410 can be used. Furthermore, HBM guarantees long-term availability of the whole QuantumX measurement chain thus enabling future system upgrades without any problems. In addition, the system’s universality protects your investment, even if the field of application should change.