QuantumX MX460 – for precise and dynamic rotational speed and torque measurement

mx460Capture digital rotational speed signals or evaluate pulse width modulation signals (PWM).

Or integrate the worldwide leading HBM torque transducers into the QuantumX universal data acquisition system – the MX460 4-channel frequency amplifier now, for the first time, enables the full dynamics to be captured.

Product Description

Sampling rates of up to 96 kHz/channel and a bandwidth of up to 38 kHz are proof of the MX460’s high performance. At the same time, MX460 offers the level of precision you may expect from an HBM product. Even signals of up to 1 MHz are captured in an absolutely accurate way.

Multiple fields of application

This makes the MX460 the first choice for applications in motor and drivetrain development. However, there are many other fields of application, for example: Angular measurement on ships’ propellers or high-precision displacement measurement in functionality test rigs. That’s what makes this frequency amplifier interesting for many branches: Automotive, aviation, railroads and shipping as well as engergy generation, mechanical engineering and research and development are potential fields of application.

APM makes test setup incredibly easy

MX460 of course supports the exclusive APM technology (Advanced Plug & Measure) which, combined with TEDS, enables every test system to be easily set up. APM automatically identifies the connected transducer so that complex setups are no longer required and you can immediately start your actual task. This saves time and considerably increases the quality of measurement. An Ethernet and a FireWire interface are available for communication with the MX460.

Modular Characteristics

The MX460 can be used as a stand-alone unit. However, thanks to its modular characteristics it can also easily be scaled to form a complex system complying with any requirement. Irrespective of whether you acquire data centrally in a module carrier for test bench use or in a distributed system.

Universal Application

Universal application – in addition to very compact dimensions – is what characterizes the whole QuantumX family. And, of course, HBM guarantees long-term availability and reliability of the complete measurement chain. Thus you can easily upgrade your system later-on and your investment is protected.