QuantumX MX471 – CANbus module with 4 CAN interfaces

QuantumX MX471

Universal. Powerful. Flexible. There are many reasons for choosing HBM’s QuantumX amplifier system for data acquisition.

The MX471 module enables your QuantumX system to be perfectly linked to your CAN network – and to benefit from high-speed CAN and its especially high data transmission rates.

Product Description

MX471 reads CAN messages and, in addition, operates as a CAN gateway. Measurement results are directly transmitted as CAN messages. MX471 features four independent CAN interfaces and supports reading and writing of CAN messages. This actually means: Using MX471 allows CAN messages to be synchronously acquired.

Benefit from the MX471’s impressive performance features:

  • 4 channels that can be individually configured: Input / Output (Receive/Transmit)
  • High-speed CAN / ISO 11898: CAN 2.0A/B, Standard / Extended Identifier
  • Individually configurable baud rates
  • Connectable internal termination resistor
  • CiA standard-compliant connector: 9-pin D-Sub (male)

The following applies for signal inputs (Receive):

  • Up to max. 128 signals and a total of 9,600 signals per second can be received
  • Supported signal types include: Standard, Mode dependent, Mode signal
  • The following applies for signal outputs (Transmit):
  • Up to max. 200 signals and a total of 4,800 signals per second can be transmitted
  • Signal type: 4 byte signal per PDO

Ethernet TCP/IP or FireWire are used as communications interfaces to the module, for example connected to a data logger or PC. Configuration is as easy as usual, for example, using description files in DBC format. The software enables a database in DBC format to be generated for each channel.

CANbus interfaces are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry and in many other industries – for example in industrial automation and in testing applications. Thanks to its outstanding specifications the MX471 CAN module ensures easy integration of the extremely powerful QuantumX data acquisition system into your CAN network.

Using HBM’s QuantumX you benefit from maximum universality and flexibility and, at the same time, highest accuracy and reliability. QuantumX virtually automatically identifies and processes the data of all customary transducer types. Moreover, powerful software packages featuring many options for professional visualization, processing and analysis of your measurement data are available. Test results you really understand, perfectly integrated into your CANbus network via high-speed CAN: Benefit from the high-speed CAN options provided by MX471 from the QuantumX family.