QuantumX MX840A – 8-channel universal amplifier

mx840MX840A is the 8-channel universal amplifier of HBM’s QuantumX data acquisition system.

MX840A convinces not only by its compact size – but also by its outstanding flexibility, measurement performance and ease of use.

Product Description

Thousands of measurement engineers from many different industries have already opted for QuantumX by HBM. The reason is quite obvious: This universal amplifier system with its powerful modules shows what measurement will be in the future: compact, flexible and extremely reliable.

A really universal amplifier

Do you have to cope with frequently varying measurement tasks? Do you use many different transducers? Do you want to be ready for the future? The MX840A universal amplifier is the right choice for you. Its universal connectors make MX840A ideally suited for all commontransducer technologies. No matter what principles of measurement you want to use and how you combine them …

MX840A acquires data provided by the following transducer types:

  • Full and half bridge (strain gages and inductive transducers)
  • Voltage (± 100mV, ± 10V, ± 60V)
  • Current (+ 20 mA)
  • Resistors (PTC, NTC, KTY, …)
  • Resistance thermometers (PT100, PT1000)
  • Thermocouples (Types K, N, T, E, …)
  • Piezoresistive transducers
  • Potentiometers
  • LVDT
  • Pulse counting, rotary encoder, frequency measurement, SSI
  • CANbus

Advanced Plug & Measure enables MX840A to fully automatically identify your transducers

Measurement acquisition using MX840A is very easy:

  • Connect the transducer
  • … and start measuring immediately – at 24-bit resolution!

Benefit from Advanced Plug & Measure: No complex parameterization and configuration required in advance. You can start easuring immediately thus substantially reducing setup time. APM uses TEDS, the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet. TEDS ensures fast, convenient and secure transfer of your transducer details to QuantumX and MX840A. Should your transducers not yet support TEDS, just upgrade them to this technology or rely on HBM’s convenient sensor database providing many predefined transducer types.

MX840A: compact size and multiple use

MX840A bundles technically superior functions and compact size. With only 174 x 44 x 119 mm (6.9 x 1.7 x 4.7 inch), MX840A fits perfectly into every test bench. Even if there is only limited space available.

Upgrade your measuring system with additional synchronized modules. Install the individual modules close to the respective measuring points. Using a distributed system you reduce cabling expenditure and, at the same time, increase measurement quality through digitization at an early stage.

QuantumX is the perfect tool for typical tasks in the field of test and measurement and has already become established in many industries such as automotive, aviation, railroads and marine, energy generation, mechanical engineering, and automation.

Powerful software

Like all other QuantumX modules, MX840A benefits from a comprehensive software package.

  • The free “QuantumX Assistant” sets standards in terms of ease of use.
  • catman AP measurement software is HBM’s professional software package providing extensive graphical visualization options ranging from algebraic calculations through to automation of the complete range of tasks. The user interface can be individually configured and offers many export options.
  • GlyphXE analysis software enables graphical modeling and professional analysis of your data. This is supported by comprehensive libraries.
  • The “QuantumX VI library” enables LabVIEW� users to graphically program their data acquisition and test sequence. Examples are provided to support the first steps.
  • The “QuantumX API for .NET and COM”, for example, allows of object-oriented programming of individual graphical user interfaces on the modern Microsoft .NET framework. A text-based programming language, for example C#, enables both simple and complex tasks to be efficiently completed.

Working standard calibration included

Calibrating your amplifier is the best guarantor of correct and traceable test results. With QuantumX, you benefit from the reliability of a working standard calibration right from the start. Every QuantumX instrument includes an electronic working standard calibration certificate! This is guaranteed by a calibration seal on the instrument.

SCM-SG120/350 Adapter for measuring single strain gauges

The QuantumX universal data acquisition system provides the SCM-SG120/350, an adapter for measuring single strain gauges. The adapter completes the quarter bridge with 3 passive resistors to form a full bridge. The two adapter versions that are available have been balanced to 120 or 350 ohm resistors and can be directly plugged on and fixed to the module’s D-Sub-HD socket. Installation and parameterization is very easy: Solder on the three wires in the adapter and plug it onto the measuring amplifier. All required parameters such as bridge and gauge factor, bridge excitation, physical unit and calibration data are directly stored on the adapter via software (TEDS).

Main features of SCM-SG120/350

  • Measurement of single strain gauges
  • 2 versions: 120 or 350 ohm strain gauges
  • Connection to MX840, MX840A, MX440A, MX410

Your benefits

  • Easy upgrading of existing functionality
  • Fast parameterization (TEDS)
  • Shunt calibration (reference signal)