QuantumX MX878 – Transmitter with 8 analog voltage outputs

QuantumX MX878

Whether in transportation or in power generation, in mechanical engineering or in research and development – data is acquired through many different channels in test and measurement applications, for example in test stands.

Here, physical quantities need to be measured and, in addition, values need to be output.

Product Description

This is made possible using the MX878 transmitter for the QuantumX amplifier system.

It features 8 analog outputs and enables distributed use in real time:

  • Measurement quantities are acquired
  • Digitally transmitted to the MX878
  • Further analyzed or set off against each other
  • Output as standardized analog signals in the range of ±10 V.

Smart module for signal analysis

The QuantumX MX878 transmitter enables scaled measurement signals to be monitored in a standardized unit of measurement or transmitted to other systems to allow flexible and efficient data analysis. In addition, signals can be set off against each other using algebraic operations. The module also features functions for peak value analysis.

Technical Requirements

The MX878 transmitter can be easily and intuitively configured using the free QuantumX Assistant software. However, connection to at least one amplifier, for example the MX840A universal amplifier, is required. The Ethernet or FireWire port can be used as communications interface. The system includes amplifier and transmitter and can be freely configured; it works stand-alone even if no PC or test stand is connected.

All the other advantages of the QuantumX system also apply for MX878:

  • Powerful software package for visualization and analysis of both measurement signals and computed signals
  • Compact size
  • Distributed use in real time