catman®AP – The complete and convenient data acquisition software.

catman_apcatman®AP – The complete and convenient data acquisition software.Benefit from the new generation of data acquisition software. catman®AP bundles highly efficient modules for many different measurement tasks. Each module is a champion in its specific field of application. The modules in combination provide a flexible, powerful, and networked high-performance package – catman®AP.

Product Description

The basis: catman®Easy – Measurement made easy.catman®Easy makes measuring and analyzing your data very easy. Thanks to an intuitive user interface only a few mouse clicks are required to start measurement. Simply configure the amplifier using TEDS, the transducer electronic data sheet, or the upgradeable sensor database – and off you go. Many options for graphical data analysis and versatile export options make catman®Easy a reliable and indispensable tool for every measurement technician. All inclusive… catman®AP modules professionally support your measurementtasksEasyMath add-on module for mathematical evaluation of your data: Calculate the statements “behind” the test values. Many measurement tasks require data analysis based on mathematical methods. The EasyMath add-on module for catman®AP performs many different mathematical analyses for you. The results can be easily printed out, visualized, and exported. catman®AP adapts to your individual measurement task – and facilitates your daily work.

Use the AutoSequence add-on module for automating repetitive measurement or analysis steps by simply putting functional blocs into sequence. You save a lot of time, specifically with periodic measurements involving unvarying analysis steps or with the automation of functionality tests. Use the EasyScript add-on module for catman®AP to create your own scripts for individual measurement tasks, for example, to develop specific measurement or analysis steps yourself and thus integrate your own new functions into catman®AP. EasyScript is based on the established Microsoft VBA standard. Reliable and comfortable, even “offline”. Use the EasyLog add-on module for catman®AP to autonomously record your measurement data on PC card or hard disk (in combination with MGCplus amplifiers). The EasyPlan add-on module for offline parameterization enables you to easily configure your amplifier in advance without the need for connection to a PC.

Version 4.1: Functionality and usability

New features of catman 4.1

Optical strain measurement with HBM FiberSensing Interrogators type FS22SI and FS22DI

  • Display of wavelength
  • Conversion to strain and physical value through computation channel
  • Temperature compensation
  • Spectrum display
  • Peak locking
  • Bessel and Butterworth Low pass filters

New functions for lab testing and vehicle testing

  • Human Body vibration filters according to EN ISO 8041
  • Color-coded channels in y(t) overview graphs: Display color coded data on measurement curves, e.g. speed as color coded data on a curve for axial acceleration.
  • Shunt calibration to adapt your sensor input characteristics (QuantumX only)
  • Additional filters in analysis mode: (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop filters with Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev and Elliptic characteristic)

New general functions

  • New Flex table visualization object to display live data, text, calculations, buttons, etc. in cells
  • Cursor synchronization in analysis mode: numerical displays, meters, bars, FFTs and tables can be synchronized with a cursor graph

Key Features

  • Amplifier setup through TEDS or the sensor database
  • Graphical display options: digital indicator, analog meter, bar-graph indicator, strip chart, text and LED, table object, background picture
  • Export option for measurement curves in various formats (e. g. Word)
  • Virtual channels for real-time computations (algebra incl. differentiation and integration, strain-gage rosette analysis, peak value monitoring under conditions of angular synchronism, digital filters)
  • Limit values and event monitoring
  • Graphical data analysis and logging
  • Video analysis (synchronization of measurement and video data)
  • Export of data into all common formats: Excel, ASCII, DIAdem, and nSoft
  • Supported instruments: MGCplus, MGCsplit, Spider8, eDAQ, eDAQlite, optical interrogators, CANHEAD
  • EasyMath add-on module for mathematical evaluation of your measured data (free computation of channels, frequency analysis, elimination of statistical outliers, interpolation, etc.)
  • AutoSequence add-on module for automating repetitive measurement or analysis steps
  • EasyLog add-on module to autonomously record your measurement data on PC card or hard disk (MGCplus or eDAQ)
  • EasyScript add-on module to create your own scripts for individual measurement tasks
  • Channel check for monitoring amplifier functions and correct transducer connection
  • DataViewer for fast overview of individual data sets – including tables and graphics, with statistical characteristic quantities and traceability data
  • Direct export of data to GlyphXE analysis software