Perception: Professional software for high-speed measurement data acquisition

perceptionDo you want to acquire measurement data with maximum sampling rates? Place your trust in products from HBM’s Genesis HighSpeed series – and in Perception software. Perception offers more than standard data acquisition software. Perception is designed for fast and reliable processing of huge amounts of data and is therefore ideal for high-speed data acquisition: Thanks to patented StatStream technology Perception enables 10 gigabytes of data to be visualized on your PC in 10 seconds. For your measurement, this means: No waiting time – virtually “live” data feeds keep you up to date about the status of your measurement data acquisition. You can access saved data even during running measurements and zoom in on these data. Recording continues in the background.

What’s new? View the latest news about PerceptionPerception, the professional software package for high-speed data acquisition handles all your measurement tasks:

  • Parameterization of sensors and control of measuring instruments
  • Real-time display of measured values
  • Storage and playback
  • Analysis and report generationPerception-specific features enable rapid setup times, quick familiarization and therefore the immediate start of your measurements.

Perception Software Description

CompletePerception accomplishes the following tasks:

  • Control of measurement hardware
  • Visualization of measurement data
  • Navigation through the hardware and data archive
  • Measurement
  • Analysis
  • Report
  • Data export
  • Automation and batch processingMeasuring instead of programming � out of the boxIn contrast to numerous other DAQ software packages, Perception is based on the principle of “switch on and start measuring”. No programming whatsoever is necessary to start measurements with the connected hardware – as it is usable just five minutes after unpacking. In addition, this concept means that ever-changing applications in particular can be handled much more rapidly and easily than with a “self-programmed” software solution concept.
  • Perception supports a wide range of devices from simple systems with a few channels to multi-rack measurement data acquisition systems with up to 1,080 synchronous channels (Genesis HighSpeed).
  • Thanks to the patented StatStream technology, 10GB data can be displayed in less than 10s. This means that previously stored data can be zoomed into and details observed during ongoing measurements while recording continues in the background.
  • Customer-specific plug-ins, created with the Customer Software Interface (CSI), are completely integrated in the Perception operator interface. User-specific tasks and automated tasks can therefore be included in the workflow.
    User-friendly by concentrating on the essentials
    Perception was developed with a vision of simple operation and perfect adaptation to the task and the user. In contrast to competitor solutions, Perception is simple to master. Powerful software can often be confusing, espeically when the necessary settings are hidden in a tangle of numerous options and functions. Perception makes operation rapid, safe and simple through the integrated intelligence.
    User-friendly with Plug & Play
    Perception automatically recognizes which hardware is connected and provides only those functions and options that are necessary and possible for the connected configuration.
    Efficient… and tidy
    Adapt Perception to your application. In user mode, unnecessary control elements can be masked. For example, the trigger menu is not displayed if an external or manual trigger is used. In the advanced mode, all elements are available. The settings can be changed according to requirements at any time, even during measurements.
    Individually for the best overview
    The user interface can be individually adapted. You decide which parameters you want to set. If the basic parameters are sufficient, simply mask the enhanced settings. Your decisions determine how the operator interface appears.
    Numerous tasks – one graphic interfaceM
    Perception accompanies the entire measurement task with its functions, from parameterization of sensors to the display and analysis of the captured measurement data. The user navigates during the entire workflow in a familiar environment.
    Perception provides the valid options for settings in drop-down lists. If invalid entries are mistakenly made, Perception corrects automatically to the closest valid value.
    Ready, steady – unpack and go

    • Rapid setup times through automatic detection of connected hardware (Plug & Play).
    • Rapid parameterization and control of complex configurations with special functions, for example, the Bridge Wizard. This interactive assistant asks for information about the application, bridge parameters and what type of measurements are to be implemented. The bridge is then configured and is ready to go.
    • Any number of channels can be configured simultaneously via table entries.
    • Names for multiple channels are automatically generated. Simply select the channels, select the base name and the name will then be assigned automatically with sequential numbers to the channels.

    Additional information through synchronized video recording
    If the measurement sequence was recorded on video, Perception can display the recorded measurement data synchronously with the video. You can thus gain new knowledge about external influences on the measured values.
    Perception is used around the world by numerous customers in various applications. This wide distribution is the basis for the stable existence of Perception. The latest measurement technology is rapidly integrated thanks to the modular concept.
    Extremely reliable
    Stability also has a high value in Perception. Users of Perception expect that the software and the connected hardware operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without errors, and is fail-safe. Because every “crash” in the measurement laboratory can cost a lot of money in lost data and lost working and laboratory time, we operate against this with permanent quality control and extremely comprehensive test series. Manual and automated software testing have an enormous status inthe development of Perception. And of course, all this happens BEFORE a new version of Perception is delivered to customers.
    Return of invest through low total cost of ownership (TCO)

    • Rapid familiarization
    • Modular expansion – only pay for what you need
    • Correct settings by design
    • Efficient working
    • Future-proof

    Modular, scalable
    Perception is modular in design. Start with the basic equipment and expand as necessary. Further modules are available based on the hardware used and the required functions. This scalability optimizes costs.

Good reasons to use Perception

Switch on and start measuring: Using Perception does not require any programming. Perception is immediately ready for use as soon as the hardware is connected.
The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, Perception automatically recognizes which hardware is connected and offers only those functions and options that are necessary and possible for the connected configuration.

  • Adapt Perception to ideally fit your application – choose the control elements you want to display.
  • Error-free: Perception shows the settings that are possible in drop-down lists – invalid options are automatically corrected.
  • Reliable: Every crash in the test laboratory costs time and money. This is why every Perception version undergoes thorough quality testing – for highest standards in stability and reliability.

Incidentally: Updating to new versions is very easy. You just install the latest software updates on your PC – the corresponding firmware modules for your Genesis HighSpeed hardware will be automatically installed. When you first start up the hardware after a software update, the hardware will be updated.

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Perception supports the following hardware

  • GEN2i, GEN5i and GEN7t/16t from HBM Genesis HighSpeed
  • Libertyand various older products such as
  • Dimension4i
  • Oyssey
  • Multipro
  • BE256
  • DAstar
  • Sigma (streaming data)Perception supports a wide range of devices, from simple systems with few channels up to 1,080 synchronous channels.