GEN2i – Data recorder with unique features and leading-edge usability

gen2iGEN2i is a new-generation measurement instrument which is as powerful and easy to use as a modern mobile device. It empowers you with the freedom and flexibility to record data wherever you are, and however you want. Its huge range of application possibilities further extends the capabilities of its legendary predecessor – the Nicolet VISION*.

GEN2i, the revolutionary new portable data recorder, offers …

  •     incomparably powerful features
  •     an exciting touchscreen user interface
  •     up to 64 input channels, fully configurable to your needs
  •     both continuous direct-to-disk as well as fast transient recording

GEN2i Product Description

With GEN2i you gain total control of your measurement data. You can access all data handling functions with a single touch of the large, intuitive touchscreen. The GUI is simple and self-explanatory: GEN2i enables you to start measuring immediately.Zoom data
GEN2i gives you an expanded view of your data, to closely scrutinize a specific section, in any scale you want. Simply mark an area of interest with your finger on the touchscreen to zoom in.Acquire data
To begin recording all you do is press the START button. To end it you just press STOP. Yes … data recording is this easy with GEN2i!Shift through data
You can shift through your data to inspect or to find areas of interest by just touching the trace and dragging it in any direction you want to go.Browse different datasets
To review multiple datasets you have all the essential recording controls at your fingertips: Start/Stop and Next/Previous. And you can playback your data at multiple speeds in forward or reverse modes.Flexibility and performance out of the boxThe GEN2i is ready to run immediately after being unpacked and offers many powerful possibilities for your measurement tasks. Depending on the selected acquisition mode – continuous recording or triggered sweeps – data is either stored on disk directly (streaming to disk) or first buffered in high speed RAM to offer transient recorder speed without any throughput limitations. The separately shielded housing for the DAQ portion eliminates any noise or crosstalk issues between the PC and the DAQ section.Proven quality:
See which tests GEN2i had to undergo during development – including shock test operationalModular signal conditioning
Select the input module that fits your application from a choice of 23 modules! The GEN2i can hold one or two acquisition boards, which can be freely combined. Besides the basic isolated voltage inputs, GEN2i can also be equipped with isolated strain gage, accelerometer signal conditioners or ultra high speed transient modules offering up to 100 MS/s. See all modules at a glance (pdf)

From VISION to GEN2i
The new GEN2i replaces the LDS Nicolet* VISION data recorder.

  • Larger touch screen for more information and ease of use
  • Modular built-in signal conditioners
  • Five times the streaming rate and transient recording mode
  • Windows 7 PC runs Office®, full Perception or any other software
  • Backwards compatible with VISION data files

See the full comparison of Nicolet Vision and GEN2i

New IM2 Interface and Controller Module

New IM2 Interface and Controller Module for Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition SystemsThe new IM2 interface and controller Module replaces the existing IM1 module in all Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition systems (GEN2i, GEN5i, GEN7t, GEN16t). All Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition units are always equipped with an interface/controller module. The new Perception Version 6.20 will support this new IM2 module. Customers with an existing Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition unit can use the “IM2 Upgrade Kit” to replace the IM1 interface/controller unit.

The advantages of the IM2 module are:

  • Streaming rate per mainframe to an appropriate PC is 100 MB/s. The “Fast streaming” option is now always on-board. In a GEN2i and GEN5i the streaming rate is 50 MB/s
  • An on-board SATA Solid State Disk (SSD) can be installed as an option. The SSD does not occupy the XMC/PMC slot, and therefore offers the possibility of maximizing on-board storage together with IRIG/GPS-Card option
  • IM2 offers an optional optical Ethernet interface (850 or 1310 nm) specially for long distances between Genesis HighSpeed mainframes and control PC. Furthermore this option eliminates possible ground loops by isolation of the GEN DAQ system and the control PC
  • For synchronized recordings with GEN2i, IM2 comes with the required Master/Slave connector. This feature allows synchronizing two GEN2i systems.