GEN5i – Portable high speed DAQ and transient recording

gen5iMeasure force, pressure and strain: The GEN5i is a complete, portable test laboratory. This is the integration of all components required for complex measurement tasks and which can usually only be set up with this level of performance in the laboratory.

GEN5i is used worldwide in a variety of applications, from large scale test stands to power measurements, from blast testing to rocket launch monitoring, from telemetry data recording to fault finding in electrical installation.

GEN5i Product Description

GEN5i represents the entire measurement chain:

  • From the input amplifier
  • Filter
  • The various filters
  • The selection of measurement procedure with sample rate setting and trigger events
  • To post processing, evaluation and storage of the data

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Up to 40 channels are available simultaneously for complex measurement scenarios. With the integrated PC, based on a Dual Core 2 processor, Microsoft Vista 64bit Ultimate Edition and the integrated Perception Software, you can measure directly at the event location and analyze the results. The data are available, via various standard interfaces such as WLAN, Gigabit Ethernet or USB, for analysis even at remote locations.GEN5i as a transient recorder – no spikes remain undetected.
The components of the measurement chain in GEN5i are designed for the acquisition and evaluation of extremely fast signals. Amplifiers with a typical accuracy of 0.1%, in combination with sampling rates of up to 100 MS/s, can also capture fast signal sequences like those that occur in destructive material tests, pyrotechnics or even in power and high voltage technology in precise detail. Transients and spikes do not escape the measurement electronics of the GEN5i. Comprehensive test series can be recorded easily and rapidly with the help of the large transient memory that has a capacity of up to 9 Giga Samples.Download the GEN5i brochure (PDF) Browse through our interactive GEN5i brochure
Modular signal conditioningSelect the input module that fits your application from a choice of 23 modules! Whether for high-voltage applications, power measurement or test bench applications – GEN5i can be equipped with up to 5 DAQ boards that can be freely combined to fit your application.All the modules at a glance (pdf)
Data recording in Jumbo formatFast data storage rates and high memory capacities are essential for acquiring and continually recording measurement values over a long period of time. The data transmission rate of 28 MS/s to the hard disk and a Hard disk memory capacity of 1.2 TB make the GEN5i a powerful data recorder.Unpack – connect – go

GEN5i is a high performance laboratory that helps you easily and rapidly meet your goals. It won’t take long to become familiar with the system. In contrast to the high end VXI systems, GEN5i contains the complete software required for immediate start . New measuring points can be configured without programming with this software. Starting new tasks efficiently and rapidly means saving time, energy and money: The requirements for fast and long-term success on the market with your products.

The best follow-up product for your Odyssey

GEN5i is the ideal successor to Odyssey. Profit from the immense leap in performance from Odyssey to GEN5i. We think it is a quantum leap: Higher performance with smaller dimensions at lower cost.

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New IM2 Interface and Controller Module

New IM2 Interface and Controller Module for Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition SystemsThe new IM2 interface and controller Module replaces the existing IM1 module in all Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition systems (GEN2i, GEN5i, GEN7t, GEN16t). All Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition units are always equipped with an interface/controller module. The new Perception Version 6.20 will support this new IM2 module. Customers with an existing Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition unit can use the “IM2 Upgrade Kit” to replace the IM1 interface/controller unit.
The advantages of the IM2 module are:

    • Streaming rate per mainframe to an appropriate PC is 100 MB/s. The “Fast streaming” option is now always on-board. In a GEN2i and GEN5i the streaming rate is 50 MB/s
    • An on-board SATA Solid State Disk (SSD) can be installed as an option. The SSD does not occupy the XMC/PMC slot, and therefore offers the possibility of maximizing on-board storage together with IRIG/GPS-Card option
    • IM2 offers an optional optical Ethernet interface (850 or 1310 nm) specially for long distances between Genesis HighSpeed mainframes and control PC. Furthermore this option eliminates possible ground loops by isolation of the GEN DAQ system and the control PC
    • For synchronized recordings with GEN2i, IM2 comes with the required Master/Slave connector. This feature allows synchronizing two GEN2i systems.