GEN7t and 16t – High speed / high channel count DAQ and transient recording for high end requirements

gen7tComplex technical systems can only be controlled if they are known in detail.
Obtain a perfect overview of your system with the GEN7t and the GEN16t. With GEN7t/16t, you can configure up to 1,080 synchronized channels according to your requirements. Your system grows from the first channel onwards exactly as your project changes. Stay on top, rapidly, reliably, flexibly and always with perfect precision.

Up to 8 GEN “slaves” can be connected to a GEN7t or GEN16t master, each of these 9 devices can contain between 4 and 120 channels, and all 1,080 channels can measure in synchronization with each other. Scale your system as precisely as you require it.

Product Description

GEN7t / GEN16t captures and records interference peaks with a sampling rate of up to 100MS/s. On all channels if necessary! It is possible, with the Dual Rate Recording principle, to record fast transients and, at the same time, record a continuous measurement serieson the same channel. This means that long-term observations can be continuously recorded at 10MS/s while, at the same time, rapidly occurring events can be recorded with a sampling rate of 100MS/s, trigger-controlled.Dual Rate recording is the perfect choice for long-term test series. GEN7t / GEN16t is the perfect combination of transient and data recorder.World champion level in all disciplines – GEN7t / GEN16t plays in the top league

Sample rate: Measurement rates from 200KS/s to 100MS/s

Channels: 1 to 1080

Data transmission: Gigabit Ethernet

Physical input amplifier: The entire bandwidth

Gigabytes in seconds: Precisely recorded with 100MS/s – saved in seconds

GEN7t / GEN16t records gigantic data volumes within just a few seconds. Save directly to your PC hard drive, a removable disk or network server via Gigabit Ethernet. Professional storage modes such as “Streaming to disk” or continuous circular recording on disk help in this process. To ensure that no samples get lost, an SCSI RAID can be optionally connected. Or, if it needs to be quick, RAID 0 for even faster data storage.

Transmission rates:
Up to 100MS/s into the internal channel RAM

Up to 25MS/s to RAID or PC

Up to 10MS/s to HD.

Observe your data even before the end of the actual test. Or zoom into the details of your data. The software supports numerous display options.

Input amplifier for each sensor – selectable via software

Complex systems contain all types of signals. Sensor type and input circuits must match each other. GEN7t / GEN16t provides the
entire spectrum of physical input amplifiers

, you just need to select the appropriate one using the software, whether they are bridges, differential connections, resistance-based for current measurements or optimized for ICP® piezo sensors

See all modules at a glance (pdf)

Immune against electromagnetic interferences

Optionally, galvanically isolated input amplifiers are also available. They protect the measured values from interference signals such as those that occur in the vicinity of large machines or in the high voltage sector.

For precise transient recording:

Basic single ended / differential isolated

200kS/s or 1MS/s at 16Bit resolution

For strain gages

Fully insulated bridge amplifiers:

Full bridges, half bridges, quarter bridges DC sensor

Shunt calibration

200kS/s and 1MS/s

For ICP® piezo sensors, resistance-based current measurements or galvanically isolated measurements

Universal 200KS/s or 1MS/s

For fast peaks, when speed counts

High Speed

25MS/s or 100MS/s at 14Bit resolution

For binary and frequency signals, e.g. from position encoders

Digital input


Event counter / external clock signal


Transportable in tower or stationary in 19″ housing for control cabinet mounting

GEN7t and GEN16t differ only in their mechanical structure and size.

As a tower model, GEN7t contains seven free slots for measuring cards and the master/slave card for connection to other GEN7t / GEN16t systems. GEN16t accepts 16 measuring cards or 15 measuring cards and 1 master/slave.

See all modules at a glance (pdf)

High-speed 19″ laboratory for installation monitoring

The GEN16t fits directly into standard 19″ control cabinets, as normally found in production systems. Measurementtechnology with peak perfection is the core competence of the GEN16t. In contrast to high end VXI and VME systems, GEN7t / GEN16t contains the complete software required for immediate start. Measuring points can be configured without programming with this software. Communication with the central computer is via Gigabit Ethernet (Cat 5e UTP).

Measurement intelligence at the event location – limitless without ground loops

Distributed measurement intelligencemeans measuring spatially separate but synchronously. All channels in all connected GEN7t / GEN16t are synchronous with one another. The optical synchronization concept makes it possible to create measurement sites with several GEN7t/GEN16t over distances of several hundred meters without ground loop issues.

Up to 300 m / 984 ft can lie between the master and slave device. The optional GPS modules mean that the same time basis can be used for operation across different countries. See the details on site and keep the overall view in sight.

Only when all values are synchronized with each other, can cause and effect be in the correct relationship.

Equipped for the future

The flexible concept behind GEN7t / GEN16t also includes all options for future tasks. Profit from the simple upgrade possibilities of the master/slave concept. GEN7t / GEN16t grows with your tasks, flexible, precise, without limits from the first to the 1,080th channel. Despite the high complexity, configuration and commissioning are simple. The supplied software ensures this.

Your requirements keep growing – and GEN7t / GEN16t grows with them

Almost unlimited: Your task determines how your measuring instrument is set up and not vice versa. Simply plug in the next card, configure, connect and away you go. The software helps you.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)means having all costs incurred in view. This includes all costs, whether from familiarization, installation, operation or maintenance. Give your budget a break and save money with the versatile and flexible upgrading options.

Versatile in use:

High precision transient recorder and simultaneous data recorder for long-term monitoring

Laboratory device

19″ installation in control cabinet without extra outlay

New IM2 Interface and Controller Module

New IM2 Interface and Controller Module for Genesis HighSpeed Data Acquisition Systems
The new IM2 interface and controller Module replaces the existing IM1 module in all Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition systems (GEN2i, GEN5i, GEN7t, GEN16t). All Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition units are always equipped with an interface/controller module. The new Perception Version 6.20 will support this new IM2 module. Customers with an existing Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition unit can use the “IM2 Upgrade Kit” to replace the IM1 interface/controller unit.The advantages of the IM2 module are:

  • Streaming rate per mainframe to an appropriate PC is 100 MB/s. The “Fast streaming” option is now always on-board. In a GEN2i and GEN5i the streaming rate is 50 MB/s
  • An on-board SATA Solid State Disk (SSD) can be installed as an option. The SSD does not occupy the XMC/PMC slot, and therefore offers the possibility of maximizing on-board storage together with IRIG/GPS-Card option
  • IM2 offers an optional optical Ethernet interface (850 or 1310 nm) specially for long distances between Genesis HighSpeed mainframes and control PC.
    Furthermore this option eliminates possible ground loops by isolation of the GEN DAQ system and the control PC
  • For synchronized recordings with GEN2i, IM2 comes with the required Master/Slave connector. This feature allows synchronizing two GEN2i systems.