DQ809 – Thermocouple amplifier

dq809The DQ809 thermocouple input module enables thermal measurements to be taken in a reliable way. Eight thermocouples of any type can be connected to the amplifier using a thermal adapter. The thermal adapter provides a mini thermocouple plug and an external cold junction for diverse thermocouples types. Sampling rates of up to 10,000 measurements per second can be implemented.


  •     8 inputs that can be individually configured
  •     Type J, K, T, S, E, B, N, R, C thermocouples
  •     Sampling rate up to 10000 measurements/s
  •     24-bit analog-to-digital converter per channel for synchronized measurementsv
  •     Active low-pass filter
  •     DC supply voltage; 1 device via USB (5 V), otherwise 6 – 28 V
  •     Compact design