SoMat eDAQ has set the standard for Rugged, Mobile Data Acquisition

SoMat-eDAQData acquisition is a critical part of the product development process. Understanding how prototype vehicles and components behave on the proving ground helps ensure through-life product performance. Measuring actual customer usage and operational data delivers feedback to the designers however acquiring data is not easy. Conditions on the test track or in the hands of the end user can be very challenging. Data acquisition instruments and sensors are exposed to vibration, shock, dust, fluids and temperature extremes. Typically there is only one chance to get the data. This is where the SoMat eDAQ comes in; it is built tough to withstand the harsh environments you work in.

Specifically, the SoMat eDAQ is a sealed stand-alone system designed to be mobile with 10-60 VDC input power and a 20G rated enclosure. Hundreds of synchronous channels are possible in a single system with superior signal conditioning for Analog, Digital I/O’s, Vehicle Bus, GPS and more. Infinite channel counts are available when networking this Ethernet-based system.

Product Specifications

SoMat eDAQ Base Processor
SoMat eDAQ Vehicle Network Communications Layer
SoMat eDAQ Simultaneous High Level Layer
SoMat eDAQ Bridge Layer
SoMat eDAQ Digital Input/Output Layer
SoMat eDAQ Non-Isolated Thermocouple Layer
SoMat eDAQ Isolated Thermocouple Layer