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Many  applications  in  our  industry   require  monitoring  machines in environments where regular route data collection can endanger the safety of maintenance personnel. Other situations arise where monitoring certain machines can be cost prohibitive, in both time and money, with  sensors  wired  to  a  remote  junction box.  To  help  remove these obstacles for monitoring in these situations, our technology partner CTC has begun offering sensors which are designed for use with the newer wireless solutions being  offered  by  vibration  industry companies.

The  new  AC327–1D  and  AC328-1D sensors are designed to fulfill this need. They have been tested as  well  as  being  used  with  wire-less systems from other manufacturers. This compact sensor is easier  to  fit  into tight  spaces  and  has a standard 100mV/g output. With a 2.5 VDC bias voltage and a recommended  power  supply  of  5  VDC, the dynamic range of the sensor  is  only  15  g’s  peak.  This  lower dynamic range may limit the  sensor  from  being  used  for applications  where  the  impacting  is higher than the 15 g range. However these sensors will still  be  useful  in  many  applications  including  the  power generation industry and papermills. Other than the lower  dynamic range, the AC327-1D and and  AC328-1D  perform in most other aspects  like a standard AC192-1D sensor. The RFI and EMI immunity is very  high  for  a low power sensor and the noise levels are excellent, even  at  low  frequencies.   Maximum  shock  level  for  both sensors is 5000 g’s like almost all of CTC’s stand-ard product line.

The  frequency  response  for  both  sensors  is  excellent  as well, with the AC327-1D’s frequency response stay-ing within 3dB all the way from 0.2 Hz to 15000 Hz and the side exit AC328-1D performing within 3dB from 0.5 to 8000 Hz. Like all of CTC’s sensors, the AC327-1D and AC328-1D sensors are helium leak tested to ensure a hermetic  seal  and  also  the  IP  68  rating  the  sensors  have earned.

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