TYPE 2245

This is Brüel & Kjær’s first new SLM in 15 years and has been designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind.
Aimed at the low- to mid-level SLM market, Type 2245 features a bright and uncluttered LCD display, only 7 buttons, options for basic noise/workplace noise/simple environmental noise assessment, huge internal memory, long battery life, wifi, licence-free PC and iPhone applications, IEC 61672 Class 1 compliance, and a host of other user-friendly features.

Type 2245 fills the void in simple but high-quality instrumentation and overlaps the bottom end of the industry-standard B&K 2250 range of analysers. Ideal for occupational hygiene and attended short-term environmental noise assessment where more complex analysis is not required, the 2245 is truly a “pick up and go” instrument with minimal re-learning required for the occasional user. B&K’s tagline for the 2245 sums it up perfectly – Job Done.

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