NoiseAtWork is a powerful tool for industrial and occupational hygienists to help them reporting noise at work and other type of measurements in indoor and outdoor workspaces. Key words are fit for purpose, easy to use and cost efficient.NoiseAtWork has 2 optional add-ons. Noise Dose calculations based on LEX or TWA and Noise Prediction with screening calculation according to VDI 2720.

Key features:

  • for industrial and occupational hygienists
  • for noise and other measured indicators
  • interpolated contour maps with just a few clicks, no CAD needed
  • easy to use, fit for purpose and cost-efficient
  • intuitive interface, learned within minutes
  • use of scanned maps and CAD drawings
  • direct import from free NoiseAtWork Companion android app for tablet and phone
  • optional Noise Dose calculation option based on LEX and TWA
  • optional Noise Prediction option with screening based on Sabine and VDI 2720

Easy to use, fit for purpose and (cost) efficient

In other general purpose interpolation software coordinates are always the time consuming part of creating an interpolated map based on measurements. With NoiseAtWork you never have to think about coordinates. Simply read in any CAD or scanned map and enter your data points by clicking on the map at the locations where you have done your measurements. This will significantly reduce the time you need to get your map done.

Fast and smart interpolation technique

The interpolation method of NoiseAtWork is based on an advanced, fast and smart triangulation technique with additional smoothing option. Calculations are done automatically while entering or importing the measurement data. This means that the software is fully interactive and the effect of changes in the input data is shown ‘real time’.

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