UEB330 Series

Our technology partner CTC has developed high resonance (44kHz) elements suitable for both ultrasound fault detection techniques and general purpose acoustic range vibration measurement.

  • General Purpose frequencies from .5Hz- 20kHz
  • Ultrasonic frequencies above 20kHz
  • Currently available in 10mV/g (UCB330) and 100mV/g (UEB330)

Benefits of High Frequency Measurements:

  • Early detection of impacting and friction
  • Positive identification of fault type
  • Clean trending of fault over time
  • Easier prediction of remaining bearing life

High frequency fault detection techniques rely on resonance amplification to pickup low energy stress waves in machine housings.

  • Ultrasound
  • PeakVue
  • Enveloping/ Demodulation
  • Spike Energy

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