Noise Monitoring Terminals

Record and remotely access environmental sound levels with permanent, portable and mobile unattended noise monitoring terminals.

Product Description

Record and remotely access environmental sound levels with permanent, portable and mobile unattended noise monitoring terminals. Use the permanent and portable monitors to demonstrate compliance with regulations, avoid breaching noise restrictions, limit noise impact and improve noise maps. Reduce monitoring costs and demands on valuable time while accurately recording your noise exposure.

Demonstrate compliance with regulations
Our noise monitors enable you to reliably measure, record, process, store and transmit noise data online.

Organizations in a wide variety of industries use our systems to accurately capture their sound levels and efficiently report on their regulatory obligations.

Our proven noise monitoring terminals help engender trust in the data shared with stakeholders.

Limit noise impact
The noise monitors provide data you can trust. The permanent, portable and mobile systems provide high up time to assess real-time noise levels 24/7. And, they enable you to make real-time decisions to avoid exceeding environmental limits.

  • Receive real-time data to know when noise levels approach thresholds
  • Quickly make informed decisions to avoid exceeding noise restrictions
  • Use trusted data to improve noise maps and apply mitigation techniques

Permanent noise monitoring terminals
Our long-term environmental noise monitor range accurately and reliably measures, records, processes, stores and transmits noise data while you’re off site.

The durable terminals are suitable for a wide variety of industries and are specifically designed for 27/4 independent outdoor monitoring.

The permanent units work as part of a complete system controlled from a PC.

Portable noise monitoring terminals
Our portable noise monitoring terminal range is ideal for short-term, continuous sound level measurements. The unattended outdoor systems can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Temporary noise (and weather) monitoring
  • Complaint investigation
  • Area planning
  • New licensing
  • Measure changes or model noise where you’re not already monitoring
  • Assess a location prior to installing a permanent monitor

The portable noise monitors enable data to be recorded at locations where long-term monitors can’t be installed or where the project duration doesn’t necessitate permanent monitoring.

Mobile noise monitoring units
We have vehicle- and trailer-mounted noise monitoring terminals available. These mobile units are custom-designed to meet individual requirements. They are used in a wide range of industries – including city, airport and mining.

These monitors provide a flexible platform for obtaining data that can be used to show compliance and support community engagement. Like all of our noise monitoring terminals, the mobile systems work stand-alone or integrate into other services such Sentinel and ANOMS.

The mobile solutions offer remote system health monitoring capabilities including alarms, and a full range of peripherals and options including power and communication accessories.

Noise monitoring terminal advantages

  • Specifically for continuous, unattended outdoor monitoring
  • Use in all weather conditions
  • Remotely operated with our environmental monitoring and management software
  • Little user attention required
  • Systems are designed to optimize uptime, minimize data loss and ensure online access to data and the monitor’s health

Key features and accessories
Reduce total monitoring cost and demands on your time with noise monitors that include:

  • A wide range of solutions for all applications, needs and budgets
  • Type approved to IEC 61672 Class 1 specifications, including windscreen effects
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • Self-monitoring capabilities for increased up time, including calibration and health conditions checks
  • Built-in facilities to minimize gaps in data
  • Charge Injection Calibration (CIC) or a built-in actuator for remote verification of the entire measurement chain
  • LAN, WLAN, 3G, 4G and CDMA communication capabilities for remote operation
  • Industry-standard Internet and security protocols for safe and reliable live data streaming
  • An array of integrated accessories for communications, powering, mounting, weather and other parameters
  • Protection of system components against weather and vandals